What our users ask

What degree of protection is provided by the GENESIS system?

GENESIS KOCKÒN offerts a total, effective protection, contrary to what most other systems can guarantee. KOCKÒN is an effective barrier to theft which takes place through the tank neck, it is not simply a deterrent.

Which products and services are included in the GENESIS proposition?

The GENESIS range consists of vehicle fuel protection, control and management products and integrated services.

Do the GENESIS electronic products require wire connections?

There is a wireless product version (ZIPPER Wireless) that connects via radio to the receiving control unit installed inside the cockpit, eliminating the need for physical connections between tank and cab.

Can I easily remove the GENESIS products once they are installed in my tank?

No, in order to guarantee maximum security, our products cannot be easily removed after installation.

Can I refuel normally?

Yes, the fuel flow and refueling speed do not change. Most of the products are tested and guaranteed for flow rates up to 120 lt/min. In the case of products for commercial vehicles, the flow rate is reduced to 80 lt./min.

Do GENESIS products need accessories sold separately?

Most of the GENESIS products are immediately usable "out of the box". In some cases it is necessary to combine two product codes, which allows you to customize the application to specific needs.

Can I reuse my original fuel cap?

Often the original vehicle fuel cap is reusable. If this is not the case, the replacement fuel cap will be supplied.

Are GENESIS products easy to install?

Yes, assembly takes place with a simple gesture that depends on the type of tank mouth and without any modification, without rivets, screws, sealants or glues.

Are GENESIS products compatible with my tank?

The GENESIS system is compatible with over 90% of the heavy vehicle fleet circulating in Europe. Special applications can also be evaluated on request, and the range is expanding to include vehicles of non-European origin.

Are GENESIS products secure?

Yes, our products are safe: ZIPPER, for example, complies with the most recent European regulations (70/221 CE, 2000/8 CE, 2006/20 CE). The products are tested, patented and all produced entirely in Italy following a careful and rigorous production process and quality control protocols.

How much can I save with the installed GENESIS products?

On a statistical basis, taken from a sample located in Western Europe, in 2004-2005, the quantity of diesel fuel subject to undue theft proved to be around 4%. More recently we have seen cases where this figure rises by up to 20%. Our products, by TOTALLY preventing the theft of fuel from the tank, therefore allow considerable economic savings, which after a very short period of depreciation of the device itself, translates into pure EARNINGS for the fleet.

Can GENESIS products be used on vehicles equipped with third party telematics?

Yes, our products belonging to the IOT - TELEMATIC CONVERGENCE category can be integrated with other gps tracking and fleet control systems, subject to adequate integration between the two systems.