Well, those who know about us know that 15 years after its revolutionary first installation, KOCKÒN has now become a true icon in its field.

With the restyling of the KOCKÒN CL2 series in 2021 we could not shy away from imagining KOCKÒN as a work of art!
Works of art arouse pride in the hearts of artists: this is indeed the same feeling we at LagoGENESIS have about the device par excellence dedicated to fuel protection.

Today with this post, we were inspired by the avant-garde work "Comedian" by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan.

KOCKÒN, on the other hand, remains ideally attached to the wall, inviolate and inviolable, just like the function it fulfils excellently since its... genesis: providing security and reliability without disdaining our taste for aesthetics and beauty.