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Control systems and integrated service package

Keep track of your typiical fuel usage

The Fuel TELLER application, supported by the presence of FUEL CONTROLLER on board of your vehicle, provides detailed fuel management tools at your fingertips in the absence of telematics integration. This means that, if you are an independent operator who has an interest in keeping track of your basic traces and related fuel activity, FUEL CONTROLLER can be installed and used by simply downloading the Fuel TELLER App, registering and subscribing to our basic service program.

Fuel TELLER is an application which runs in the background on an Android SmartPhone and has a very basic Graphic User Interface which allows the user to set up the system according to specific preferences. The result being that during vehicle operation, and to some extent during stops of even a prolonged nature, FUEL CONTROLLER will collect and save data on the volume of fuel which is present in the tank.

Fuel Teller in combination with FUEL CONTROLLER works according to two main modes

Real time mode - Data is transferred directly to the Android device running Fuel Teller and paired with FUEL CONTROLLER, to be then sent to the land server according to user preference.
Latency Mode - Relevant mode for vehicles at rest and when the android device is not paired with with FUEL CONTROLLER. In this mode the data is buffered and sent as soon as an approved device is within range of the FUEL CONTROLLER hardware.

Transferring data from the Android device is a user defined parameter, Data packet dimension is very contained, meaning data transfer charges are kept to a minimum(*)

(*)approx. 2mb per year of data considering polling every 5 minutes on a typical trucking schedule.