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GENESIS - 2020 Live Virtual Home Fair - Thank you All!

9-10-11 December 2020


A job well done! The sessions of the LagoGENESIS 2020 LIVE VIRTUAL HOME FAIR were a real success.

Many thanks to all our Partners and Customers for the presence and continued support.




Bassano del Grappa, November 29th, 2020

As pre-announced in previous press releases, Kockón CL2 is here.

Where our Kockón Classic formerly stood, in  two versions covering 105mm diameter 2 point bayonet and 80mm diameter internally threaded tank necks, now Kockón has put into place a full range of Simple, Strong, Standalone & Superior anti siphon devices which address the needs manifested by the updated context involving diesel fueled vehicles.

Staying true to the promise of effective, easy to install devices, Kockón CL2 now offers different models for different vehicle brands and diverse conditions which are often  not vehicle brand dependent, such as body types, trailer configuration, tank access and more.

Starting from the "top of the food chain”, Kockón CL2 APEX is the name given to the true heir of our time tested CLASSICS.  Total protection, easy installation which requires not tank modification nor sealants or glues, high flow rates and the extra peace of mind of the filler float lock which Kockón is known for.

Then comes Kockón CL2 KALIBER, heir to what used to be called Kockón Basic, only not so Basic anymore! KALIBER is designed for longer tank necks generally found on special type vehicles and work machinery.  This compatibility is made possible by the shorter body.  It shares the DNA of APEX with the exception that is does not have a filler float lock.

Off to the side, in that is is not a declination of the previous model, we find Kockón CL2 XL.  Our loyal users of Mach II solutions know the principle behind the XL principle, now made available in the CL2 range as a readymade, standalone solution.  XL addresses effective fuel protection for vehicles that do not have a great deal of space above the tank, which often makes the insertion of the refueling pistol a more difficult affair.

All models, APEX, KALIBER and XL are provided in 105mm 2 point bayonet versions (Mercedes, DAF, MAN, Volvo, Renault, IVECO, plus various types of work and agricultural machines) and 80mm internally threaded versions (SCANIA, plus various types of work and agricultural machines).

All Kockón CL2’s feature a brand new construction we have called DUALITY, involving fewer, stronger parts:  2 main body parts, hence the name DUALITY.