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Criando o Futuro


Engenharia eficaz ao serviço da eficiencia. E o mantra o qual a genesis opera com dedicaçao para promover soliucoes efetivas de engenharia respeitando a segurança das operacoes e aos seus operadores, onde os veiculos pesados e maquinario de trabalho estao envolvidos.


Counting down to leaving room for the new generations

Bassano del Grappa, November 23th, 2020

Some of you may remember when we introduced Kockòn in 2008.  KOCKON soon became a synonym for effective fuel protection, almost a brand before the GENESIS brand ever existed.

Our flagship product was called Kockón Universal, a new interpretation of the anti-siphon device which gained an immediate following thanks to its premium characteristics and immediate recognition because of its powerful design, both functionally and visually speaking. Furthermore, the patent protected solutions found in Kockòn have since been extended to give coverage in the world’s main markets and new intellectual property has been added, adding a cachet of exclusivity to the already present effectiveness that they are known for.

Some years later, we introduced Mach II, a fully modular product program which is aimed at protecting (and managing) fuel on heavy vehicles at many levels, and our trusted Kockòn Universal was renamed Kockòn Classic to celebrate its decennial success.

Nevertheless, we haven’t stopped reviewing, improving and complementing our technologies with further research and efforts, in an attempt to squeeze the most out of this useful utility which we have called KOCKON.

As we are winding up with this anomaly of a year called 2020, we are very happy to announce that we have finally found the courage to discontinue Kockòn Classic to leave room to a whole new generation of products which go by the family name of KOCKON CL2 (our second generation Kockon Classics is where this name stems from). Destined for introduction at IAA 2020 in Hannover which never took place due to COVID-19 containment measures, the official introduction takes place now.

We are planning a series of Webinars in early December 2020 where KOCKON CL2 will be explained as a standalone line of products and contextualized with the remaining parts of our offer with the intent of giving a thorough understanding of which line of fuel protection is best suited to you.

Stay tuned for details and dates of our webinars, and keep an eye out for the up and coming new dedicated section of our website to see our new KOCKON CL2 solutions, born and built with the sole purtpose to protect your precious fuel.

LagoGENESIS Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

We are committed to meet the high expectations of our business partners worldwide

Bassano del Grappa August 19th, 2019

Since our establishment as an independent business entity in 2017, after almost a decade of residency as an embedded business unit within the Lago mother company, we have made the most of this “new start” to work meticulously in establishing business processes which comply with the rigorous standards  enforced by the ISO certification.

ISO9001 is the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard, enforcement of which helps companies like ours meet the expectations and needs of their customers.  After having designed and implemented state of the art business processes which span the entire spectrum of our organization, LagoGENESIS was subjected to a rigorous audit process aimed at confirming the effectiveness and reliability of such stated processes.  

By achieving this level of certification which encompasses our entire organization, we continue to demonstrate our desire and ability to effectively provide a quality management system which, together with our product proposition, is designed to continuously improve, including all of the stated and implicit service constituents which come into play when dealing with our products.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to our partners: our customer base, our consultants and to the members of our entire supply chain for their continued commitment and undisputed loyalty.  LagoGENESIS will strive to exceed their high expectations by focusing on quality, innovation and relevance to the market context, in the declared intent of bringing business to new heights in the months and years to come.

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